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If you've never been to Austin before, you probably have the idea that it's the perfect place to find someone special since they are plenty of young, hot people who live in the city. There are tons of amazing activities you can get caught up in, especially the hopping night life with plenty of hot guys and girls to mingle with. Not to cut your excitement short, but your dream of finding the love of your life in Austin might never come to pass. Did you know that Austin is considered the best place for singles? Here are some of the reasons why dating in Austin sucks.

Guys from California's bigger cities (Los Angles, San Francisco, San Diego. etc.) flock the city. If you are not aware, then you should know that California guys have made Austin their go to party destination. Most of them have a lot of money to spend so they have no problem buying all the girls you might be eyeing vodka shots and sodas. It's obvious they have the upper hand because of their money, and if you are a broke man looking for a good girl to date, chances of finding one here are very slim.

Most people don't see the need for having a partner. In Austin, men are never bored since there are plenty of joints where they go to have fun. Be it the Alamo Draft House, shows, bars, concerts or even parties. Who needs a companion when there a plenty of joints where you can have fun and get flings with no string attached? Most men in Austin believe that having a girlfriend doesn't add much fun to their life.

Austin is filled with feminine energy. According to statistics, the number of women in Austin is higher compared to that of men. There have been rumors that it's possible for this feminine energy to spread to men when they hang out in feminine places.

Fest relationships are common. Austin hosts plenty of festivals and the people of Austin always turn out in large numbers. With every fest, there's a chance for festival goers to find someone they can hook up with for the day or night. That's why most people prefer to stay single rather than commit themselves to a relationship.

Even the old guys are part of the competition. Unlike other cities where successful old men have specific bars where they go to hang out, in Austin everything goes. Don't be surprised to find 40-year-old business men flirting with college girls or mature women flirting with college boys.

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