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Most people tend to associate terrible dating to San Francisco. Even though it may not be that bad, the truth is that it is simply too laid-back, especially if you come from a different place.

So, if you're heading to San Francisco, here's what you can expect:

Text communication only. As strange as it might seem, having a real conversation with eye contact may take a few months. Most conversations will occur only by text, even if you're seated in front of each other.

Relationships happen quickly. Even though it is not simple to have a relationship in San Francisco, the truth is that when they happen, they tend to evolve pretty quickly. One of the reasons is that rent is a lot more affordable when you can split it.

You'll be on Twitter and Instagram immediately. The truth is that when you have a date in San Francisco, you can be sure that on the next morning, Twitter and Instagram will be talking about it. And you can expect to have a lot of comments as well.

Dating etiquette doesn't exist. If you're thinking that someone is going to pick you up or drop off when you have a date in San Francisco, think again. This won't happen. Dating in San Francisco is more like someone asking you to get a beer or any other drink after work and then you just take a Uber to get back home.

Men usually don't pay. While in most parts of the country men still pay the bill on the first date, the truth is that in San Francisco, it is very unlikely that they will pay the bill. Even if they're the ones who asked you out, you'll be probably be splitting the bill.

Don't expect any chivalry. The truth is that you just shouldn't expect that a man opens the door for you, stand up when you get up off the table or any other of these things.

Everyone's just looking for the next big thing. Even when you're on your first date in San Francisco, you might get the idea that your date is looking around searching for a better option. Even though this isn't the best thing to happen on a date, the truth is that this happens a lot in San Francisco.

If you're dating someone, you can be sure they will move on soon. One of the things that you just can't bear to do is to stay attached to a date in San Francisco. The truth is that no one who moves to San Francisco actually stays there. So, unless you want to move back to another city, just look around and see other options you have.

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