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Like in many big cities in America, the ladies in San Diego hardly keep it classy nowadays. But oftentimes less class means more sex, and girls don't mind casual dating, though only with a handful of guys. For guys, competition can be tough in this city. With that being said, our members have a great success rate at meeting with local singles through our chat line.

Many refer to San Diego as “Man Diego”. It's that moment when you walk into a bar, and you see twice as many dudes as ladies. In San Diego it’s not that uncommon to walk into a place and see four or five guys for every girl. That's why, using CLF phone chat can help reduce wasting time and get straight to the business.

FYI, there are around 7 military bases within 15 miles of each other in the actual city of San Diego, plus Camp Pendleton 30 miles up the road in Oceanside. This means that there are Navy and Marine guys running around all the time. They usually have money to spend because they have nothing but living expenses. With so many guys around to choose from, it means that girls get endless attention and drinks. In addition to that, they are all in a good shape. So, on the top of high competition, you need to be in good shape, otherwise, it simply makes you look worse in a sea of cock.

Many women here are incapable of deep meaningful conversation, phone-obsessed, and have the attention span of a child. However, it can be advantageous because dumb girls are easier to get. Especially, when you use our chat line and select the ones that you like the most, so that you don't have to do too much legwork and spend money on too many drinks.

Talking about women, many of them are in very good shape, athletic, and are in general, good-looking. Similar to Los Angeles, the city overall is very active due to the year-round good weather. People try to keep their best beach body shape all year long. But, of course, this depends on where you go. If you happen to be in the suburbs, you’ll find your fair share of out-of-shape single moms. If you are into slim and attractive girls, stick to the coastal areas.

Whether you are into Latinas, Asians, white, or blacks, San Diego can offer a full menu. It’s really easy to meet ladies that are on vacation here who just want to have some fun. Using CLF chat line will surely improve your experience with local singles. Don't wait. Try it for free right now!

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