Tips & Guidelines.

We want to make sure that our callers enjoy their chat line experience with CLF. Whether you are new to or familiar with phone chat lines, below are some good advices that will make your experience more positive and safe.

  1. Take it slow

    Take your time to get to know people before meeting in person. We know that things may go very quickly and you may feel a spark, but try to take a step back and pay attention to little details such as inconsistencies in behavior. Meet in person only when you feel 100% comfortable.

  2. Be honest

    Honesty is an important factor to a successful experience with chat lines. Make sure you provide correct information about your gender, age, other attributes, and your preferences.

  3. Keep smiling

    People always respond to charm, warmth and confidence. Remember to smile while you talk on the phone. Callers can feel it on their end and make your voice sound more friendly.

  4. Be specific

    Provide details in your greeting about your interests and preferences. That will save you time and attract right people with the same interests. Don't be shy.

  5. Pay attention

    To succeed in phone dating, try to listen to other callers carefully and pay attention to details. Ask questions and share your interests with them. But don't talk more than they do.

  6. Be nice

    Here at CLF, we promote diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. We do not tolerate harassment or offensive behavior such as racism, slanderous, bullying, or offensive speech. Keep things clean.

  7. Focus on experience

    Spend your talk time on meaningful things. Do not share too much about your identity or any other personal information such as home address, phone number, social media, etc.

  8. Protect your information

    Our chat line is private and secure. We don't share your personal details. Don't share your personal information with other callers unless you are absolutely sure you want to do so. Or stay anonymous and use a made-up indetity.

  9. Stay in control

    Remember, you decide what to do. You can continue or stop a communication with anyone anytime. Don't hesitate to stop if you feel uncomfortable. Be smart and always meet in public places first.

  10. Double check

    As CLF is committed to privacy, we don't conduct any background checks. We encourage you check your potential date by asking questions, searching the Internet, etc. Use your common sense. If you find out something illegal or someone underage, please, stay away.

  11. Watch for red signs

    Displays of extreme and negative emotions or comments are examples of red signs. Think carefully if you really want to engage such kind of people in real life.

  12. Meet in publics

    Just like with online dating, a good advice is to meet in public places. Don't rush and take your time. First date should always be in public to avoid any unnecessary issues. And it's easier to bail if you don't feel things are going well.

  13. Tell your friend

    Always tell someone where you are going and for how long. It's a good idea to let at least one person know of your plans, especially when you are going to meet a stranger.

  14. Trust your feelings

    If you feel uncomfortable or off about something, that should be enough to take a step back and think twice. Don't move forward with your plans to meet if you feel unsure or unsafe.

  15. Know the age

    You must be at least 18 years old to use our chat line service. Also, try your best to make sure that other callers are at least 18 years old too to avoid potential legal issues.

  16. Speak for yourself

    Sometimes you may want to gather with friends and have some fun on chat lines. When doing so, make sure that you speak for yourself in your greeting.

  17. No solicitation

    Chat Line Fling is meant for people to meet each other through meaningful conversations. Do not solicit advertising, services, etc. We are all her for fun and more.