Here Is How You Can Deal With Phone Anxiety

If you are afraid to answer calls or dial numbers, then you definitely suffer from phone anxiety. This is a recurrent problem nowadays because of the excessive use of texting. Here is a step by step guide to overcome this problem:

Identify the symptoms of phone anxiety

- Avoiding phone calls

- Not being able to order food on phone

- Nervousness in picking up unknown calls

- Difficulty in calling customer service or even friends and family for small talk.

Know the cause of your phone anxiety

  • Social anxiety- Many people feel as if they are being judged by the person on the other side of the phone. The fear of sounding stupid or annoying the other person makes people afraid of calling because they do not know what others are thinking.
  • Inability to express in direct conversation- The habit of texting has become so ingrained that people have a tough time expressing themselves verbally. A conversation closes the gap that virtual reality offers. This can make some people nervous. They can say whatever they want through texts but are unable to do so through a conversation. The need to think spontaneously is scary for them.

Dealing with phone anxiety

Here are some easy ways to tackle phone anxiety:

  1. Start calling others regularly- The best way to deal with the problem is to confront it directly. You should try and increase the time you spend talking on the phone. Practice can help you to get over the fear. You can start with calls which make you less nervous like calling your best friend or family member and then work towards talking to strangers.
  2. Go back to successful conversations- It helps to recall those conversations which you have been able to survive without getting embarrassed when you are making a new phone call. You can assure yourself that the new call will also be as good as the earlier ones.
  3. You do not need to be perfect- It is natural to fumble sometimes while talking because you cannot know the answer to every question immediately and need time to formulate a proper response. You need to understand that nobody expects you to be perfect.
  4. Note down some points- If you are afraid of fumbling, you can note down some important points that you want to bring up during a conversation before making a call. This can help in avoiding awkward pauses and give you more control over the way you talk.
  5. Use the phone speaker- Using the speaker or headset can provide a physical distance from the phone which is the object of fear. This method can help in calming down the brain and make you more comfortable.

Do try out these simple tricks to get rid of your phone anxiety gradually and permanently. Remember, the phone is just a device and the person on the other side is just another human being. Happy calling!