The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

Whether you follow the principles of astrology with a religious dedication or just look them up every now and then for fun or to mess with that one friend who's a "typical" Cancer, there is one very important thing that you need to know which signs to be wary of.

As human beings we're all susceptible to doing something harmful or maybe even evil but some signs are more susceptible to it than others. Being dangerous, in this context, is defined by how harmful (not limited to physical harm) you are to society or individuals around you. These are the top most dangerous zodiac signs, from most to least dangerous.


Yes, you finally have proof to be vary of that Cancer friend who always seemed a little shady. Cancer is the most dangerous zodiac sign. The FBI have given a report on what sign most of the arrested criminals belong to and it turns out that most criminals are Cancers (literally and figuratively, I suppose). Not only does it have the same name as a deadly disease, its name also, literally translated from Latin, means a poisonous crab.

Cancers are commonly very passionate and prone to jealousy, additionally they also experience constant mood swings. They are also described, by most astrologists, as the most mentally unstable. Cancers are, from all the zodiac signs, rated as the 6th most skilled at physical fighting and they crush their opponents. Most of the crimes committed by cancers are crimes of passion and they tend to leave markings on their victims to distinguish them from the works of others.


One of the well-known serial killers, Luis Garavito, is a Taurus. However, Taurus are usually involved with theft and financial crimes. Most of their crimes are committed in solitude as those with the Taurus sign prefer doing work without the interference of others and they don't trust people easily. They are methodical and their crimes are well thought and properly planned. They are usually calm and collected and are rated as the 5th most skilled at physical aggression. While planning a murder, they would make sure they can do it efficiently. Two things not in danger from the Taurus individuals are efficiency and structure.


If anything is an indication of how this is one of the most dangerous zodiac signs, it is that this sign has a permanent weapon on it at all times, i.e. a bow and arrow. Even the FBI agrees that this is the 3rd most dangerous sign, they commonly commit thefts and robberies but they avoid murder unless they absolutely need to do it (how extremely generous of them). They are also the 3rd most skilled at physical aggression and they are very unforgiving. At the same time, they are also level headed and calm when dealing with problems. So, be warned, if you anger a Sagittarius they will take revenge calmly, coldly and with a level head which somehow, seems more dangerous.


Aries tend to be labelled the most hot-headed from all the zodiac. They are the 2nd most skilled at physical aggression and they can commit even the most violent of crimes when angered. They are usually useful for hire as they can be convinced into following any order and they are natural leaders as well. However, they do not respond well to criticism and can be very dangerous when challenged. They are extremely stubborn, much like their symbol which is a ram. They are usually not capable of murder but anything is possible when they are angered. So, the smart thing would be to avoid telling your Aries sister that her Roti's aren't round enough.


The reported cases of Scorpio's committing crimes are very low which the only reason is for them being the 5th of the most dangerous zodiac signs. They are the only sign that actually enjoys and focuses on just the act of harming others, not any advantage they might get out of it. They are known for being sadistic and aggressive. Additionally, Scorpio's are the 1st most physically aggressive of all the star signs and they are clever and manipulative in their fights. Interestingly, Scorpio's avoid accepting something as their own fault; they have no sense of accountability. They have a "the victim really just ran into the knife I was holding" sort of explanation for everything.


Capricorns are the 6th most dangerous and are defined as the average criminal. They are not the least dangerous but they are in the middle of the spectrum. They are the 6th in physical aggression and they are very practical. They do not generally lose control and they have a respect for rules and order and do not break them unless angered. However, when they are angered they have the capacity to be even more sadistic than Scorpios, on the rare occasion that they do commit murder the way they do it will be worthy of nightmares. On the plus side, they are very bad at planning and hiding their tracks so they are very easy to catch (so, even if a Capricorn does horrifically and sadistically murder you, you can rest easy knowing he will be busted).


These are the signs more dangerous and invite caution when interacting with them. With most signs, the good thing is, you can be nice and compliant and they might spare you from a painful death but if you see a Cancer approaching, you better run as fast as you can and avoid them like the plague (or like cancer). On a more serious note, everyone has flaws and the capacity to be dangerous and you probably shouldn’t leave all your Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn friends because of their astrological vulnerability. Plus, a helpful hint; if they're your friends, they might spare you a little pain while murdering you.