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In case you're moving out to Washington DC, you need to remind yourself that Washington DC has already been called as the “Hollywood for ugly people”.

One of the things that you need to remember is that you will be going to a state that is dominated by politics. So, either you accept this fact or just don't go there.

Here's what you can expect from the dating scene in Washington DC.

A lot of Big Egos. Even though this isn't necessarily a bad thing, the truth is that most people you will be dating already have a master's degree from Georgetown's for example. One of the many things they will have in common is that they belong to a fraternity or sorority, they have too many friends who decided not to go to college so they could pursue their dreams in LA, for example.

The things that dominate most conversations in Washington, are career and education.

No fashion. Washington isn't the fashion Capital so you can expect to see all women and men looking almost the same. While when you don't have a personal style, this will not be a problem for you, in case you like to be well dressed, you may need to change that a bit so that you can fit in.

All around fitness. In Washington, besides your education and career, another aspect of your life that usually becomes a top priority is Fitness.

You just need to walk a lot either from home to work or from the metro station to home. During the weekends, most people tend to take out to Maryland and Virginia where they can take some fresh air from the mountains and forests. This is also a perfect place to get fit.

Happy hours. Washington DC is famous for numerous happy hours that are amazingly popular. Meeting for social drinks are just a common thing and, most probably, your first date will be at a restaurant or at an elegant casual bar. Drinks included.

Strong political opinions. You just can't live in Washington if you don't have an opinion about everything. This is just like the way it works. During your first or second date, you'll be asked about your political opinions. This may lead to some controversy.

Commitment. Unlike many other cities in the United States, when you're in Washington DC, you'll not be able to date just for fun. There, for the Washington people, a commitment is still a commitment.

They just hate the West Coast. One of the things most people tend to hate in Washington DC is LA. Even though they may not admit it, the truth is that they're just their opposite.

Brunching. Washington DC just loves a good and old brunch. If you just spent the night on a date, be ready to ask your date to have a brunch the next day. This is just a tradition in the state.

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