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For better or for worse, dating in Seattle is totally different. It's maybe the fact that there's always a gray sky, it's tough to find someone who just likes to spend time with you.

So, here's what you need to do when you want to start dating in Seattle:

#1 – The gloom will definitely affect your dating life. If something is accurate about Seattle is that you'll have 9 months of winter. So, finding someone might be really difficult in this city, especially during these months. So, make sure that you start looking for somebody soon, back in May.

#2 – You might be lonely. A recent survey says that Seattle is the 5th loneliest city in the United States. The problem isn't that people aren't friendly. However, they just don't want to make new friends.

#3 – Women will need to ask a guy out. Accordingly to many women in Seattle, guys tend to be a little awkward, and they usually don't know how to approach or ask a woman out. So when you see someone who interests you, make sure you ask him out.

#4 – There are no “pretty girls”. Even though there are pretty girls everywhere, when it comes to Seattle, you need to wait until April to start seeing some nice women on the street.

#5 – The Amazon effect. Amazon is currently employing currently a lot of men in the Seattle area. So, many men are being attracted to this city and we can definitely say that this effect might be ruining dating.

#6 – Use dating sites or apps. The truth is that Seattle is known as one of the biggest cities that tends to use dating sites and apps. So, make sure that you have a lot of dating profiles in many different websites or you won't have a chance.

#7 – You can go to a beer crawl on a date. Even though you might be used to go to a restaurant or a coffee shop on your first date, in Seattle, a beer crawl is simply acceptable.

#8 – You'll get to meet your ex again. Even though Seattle is a big city, this isn't the place where you want to be if you don't want to run into people you don't like. This is a place where everybody seems to know everybody so, just don't be surprised if you're dating a roommate of your ex or something.

#9 – Didn't your date call the day after? Don't worry about it. One of the things that many Seattle people tend to do is that they just don't want to impose. So, even if you didn't hear from your date yet, just grab your phone and call them.

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