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Montreal is a completely different city than the rest of the country. The idea that, when you're looking to find a dating partner, you can find people speaking two different languages, and considering the cultural diversity in Montreal, dating can be really different here or you might even consider it a little challenging.

So, here are some of the things that you should know before you start dating in Montreal.

Seasonal dating. As strange as it may sound, in Montreal, people tend to fall in love during fall. This might be related to the weather since cold months mean that it would be extremely pleasant to share the bed with other person. While in many cities, most relationships start on Spring, in Montreal Fall is the time of the year when people start more relationships.

Spring might be strange for outsiders. This is where the mating season begins. After all the winter months where your relationship was put up to test, it's now time to leave your home, enjoy the weather, and usually to start drinking on terraces.

Timing and punctuality. If you're a punctual person, you can expect delays. Both parties when going on a date will try to avoid being the first ones arriving. It might be a cultural reason but if you're punctual, you'll be the first one arriving at your dating destination most of the times.

Woman usually take the first step. One of the reasons that contribute to this statistic is that Montreal has more than 100,000 expats from France, and most of them are females. So, you can be sure they will be looking for a partner. As in any other city, if there's a surplus of one of the genders, people from that gender tend to take the first step.

Money questions. When dating in Montreal, you can expect to split your bill. Guys just don't take the bill here. This might sound strange if you're a woman that just moved to Montreal, but when you have your first date here, you already know what you can count with.

Don't expect to be too romantic. Ladies shouldn’t expect to have a romantic date. This is completely over in Montreal. People tend to be less romantic and more practical here, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

To find someone, get the Tinder app. Either it's your ex, sister, that person that you saw in the coffee shop. Everyone's there.

Your first date. If you just had your first date in Montreal, you can expect it to happen in a bar, not in a restaurant. Why? It's because there are fewer chances that you run into people that you know and there's also an easy way out for emergency runaways.

Language. When on a date in Montreal you can expect to speak at least 2 languages.

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