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If you’re from Jacksonville, you probably already know that the River City is not the most active place when it comes to the dating scene, so if you’re having a having a hard time finding singles, you’re not alone!

The city has a ton of cool bars and beaches, but one thing that makes dating difficult in Jax is that many people in the city tend to get married at a young age. For those who have moved to Jacksonville and those who are unmarried, this makes finding someone who is still single much more difficult in Jacksonville than it is in neighboring, larger cities.

Another thing that makes dating fairly hard is the fact that Jacksonville is so spread out. You don’t have one central location where singles flock to, in terms of the city’s nightlife experience. This, of course, makes going out vastly different from large cities around the US like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. When there already isn’t a very large number of singles in the city, the distance makes finding each other that much harder.

Does that mean it’s impossible to meet singles in Jacksonville? Absolutely not. It just may mean that in order to do so, you’ll have to think outside of the box. Bars aren’t the only place to meet singles, and swiping on a dating app isn’t your only option for an alternative. While dating apps can help you find singles, it’s hard to tell over text whether you truly connect with someone or if you enjoy talking and flirting with them. Trying out a chat line with CLF can get you on the phone with sexy singles in Jacksonville to see if there’s chemistry before you pursue anything more.

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