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Just like any other town, Houston has it's on particularities. People are different, places are different. So, what can you expect from the dating scene when you get there?

One of the things that matter the most for Houston people is where you went to college. And in case you just happen to get on a date with someone who went to the opposite school from you, the relationship might be doomed.

While Houston has many residents, there are a lot of them who simply live here for work and might leave to another state in the near future. There is a pretty high chance of your new girlfriend or boyfriend to get relocated soon to other cities like Los Angeles or New York.

If you're just around your 20 years old, this might be forgivable. However, if you're older than this, maybe it's not a good idea to dress up. Just use your own flip-flops. One of the most traditional ways that you have to enjoy Houston is going to a restaurant. However, Houston's food is not exactly good for a date. Can you imagine yourself eating some massive chicken fried steaks, sticky ribs, or a sloppy Burger on your first date?

If there is something that Houston is full of is med students, bartenders, and engineers. So, there's a huge chance for you to get one of them.

In Houston, everyone drives to go anywhere. So, you have a low probability of finding someone you know.

One of the things that are very particular in Houston, is that the weather can change in just a quick second. If you planned out an outdoors date, like a picnic in the park, for example, make sure that you have a plan B in case there is a storm coming your way.

Even though this might be strange, it's not uncommon at all in Houston to call some friends to come along during the first date. Not many cities in the United States have this kind of attitude, but in Houston, it's not a big deal.

In Houston, you have the opposite positions regarding etiquette. Etiquette can be either a huge priority for some while nothing for others. This happens anywhere but in Houston, it's almost like the opposite worlds collide often.

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