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Dating in every city is different. However, you need to understand that this is a completely different ball game. No matter if you're a Cubs or Sox fan, the truth is that finding a good date in the windy city is just difficult. But our team at CLF have some tips for those who are looking to date in Chicago.

Cold will affect your datings. If there is a thing that is quite real in Chicago is the cold that you feel during the winter months, especially between December and March. The truth is that getting out of the home during this time is just difficult. So, make sure that you get on a date sooner.

Summertime is no time for beginning a relationship. The truth is that when summer arrives, Chicago just turns nuts. Especially by the Memorial Day, there are endless parties, sweet festivals, drinking in beer gardens, among others.

A date with someone who owns a boat. If there is something that everyone in Chicago is looking for in a date, is to find someone who owns a boat. This is usually the number one summer goal.

You can still go to fancy restaurants. One of the things that you will love about Chicago is the fact that even the fanciest restaurants don't charge you a lot of money.

Are you from the Midwest? The truth is that in order to date in Chicago, you need either to be from the Midwest or to have gone into a Big 10 School. In case you’re not, you will only have about 25% of Chicago people looking at your dating profile.

You will keep bumping into each other. It really doesn't matter that Chicago has 3 million residents. The truth is that no matter how far you live from all those people who you don't want to run into, you can be sure that you will find them. Either your ex, a friend of an ex, anyone. And you will find them in the most inconvenient places such as when you're looking at the new apartment, at the doctor's office, Tinder, among others.

No need to dress up. The truth is that in Chicago, you can look hot while still wearing a tank top and some yoga pants. If you think about it, Chicago is all about the party, LA is about who you know, and New York is about status.

Your sports team. If there is something that Chicago people takes very seriously is their sports team. Even if this sounds strange, your favorite team can either break or make the relationship.

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