Are You Suffering From Loneliness?

Do you feel like you don’t have friends? Is your life very unhappy and unfriendly? Chances are, you could be suffering from loneliness. However, sometimes these signs can be misinterpreted. Therefore, keep reading to find out some signs of loneliness so that you can look for help in case you’re suffering from something along those lines.

Physical sickness

One misconception that has to be eliminated from this world completely is the belief that mental health is not connected to physical health. If you’re not in a happy place emotionally, you’ll never feel physically strong or healthy. One of the most prominent signs of loneliness is that you’ll feel very sick, very often. Colds, restlessness, tiredness, and bacterial sickness will all attack you. A lonely mind wouldn’t be able to cope with the external attacks. A strong immune system will only come with a strong, happy mind.

Baths and showers are your only times of rest

You’ll find yourself very irritated in pretty much every life situation. Whether you’re with your family or your so-called friends. The only time you will actually be peaceful is when you’ll be completely alone in your bathroom, having relaxing baths or hot showers. Loneliness will also tend to increase the duration of your showers and baths. Not only will you want to be in the bathroom for longer, you’ll want to bath and shower more often as well. Warmth will be your best friend.

You’ll try to find happiness in material things

Lonely people start falling into depression. Being genuinely happy becomes a task for them. If you find yourself mostly complaining about life with little to appreciate, you will probably try finding peace in things like shopping.

Always sleepy but never asleep

You could be at the movies, in a crowd, shopping, in a party or whatsoever, but you’ll be looking forward to going home and jumping in your comfy bed. Whether at school or at work, you would feel tired and sleepy all the time. However, when you do get home and in your cozy bed, you will fail to get a good night’s sleep. One of the major signs of loneliness is interrupted sleep. It has been proven scientifically that people suffering from loneliness keep waking up in between their sleep. Even if you’re isolated or sleeping with someone, if you’re suffering from loneliness, you will not be able to get a rested and comfortable sleep.

Your entertainment is restricted to your laptop

You feel bored, but the thought of hanging out with people scares you. Loneliness will force you to almost end your social life. You will seek entertainment and fun in online shows or Netflix. Even going to the cinema will become a rare occasion. Not only do lonely people avoid going out, they start binge-watching shows with long episodes and tens of seasons. If you find yourself stuck to your laptop looking for long seasons to binge-watch, you probably need help to cure your loneliness. Or at least try something different like ChatLineFling to get a new experience by talking to strangers on the phone, who may also be lonely just like you. You can check out this article about how to deal with phone anxiety if you have one.

If nothing helps and at least two or more signs above sound relatable, stop wasting time and consult a professional immediately.