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There's no doubt that Vancouver is one of the best cities worldwide when it comes to livability and the high quality of life. No wonder most people prefer to stay in the city when they come to Canada. However, dating is not as good as you'd imagine here. People seem to be too occupied in the day to day buzz of life to the extent that finding the love of their life is not easy. Although people still have fun by attending parties and events, most of them don't seem interested in dating at all.

According to a survey conducted by an online dating site, Vancouver women are the choosiest in Canada when it comes to dating. Most of them rarely respond to messages sent to them by men online. Vancouver men, on the other hand, have the hardest time getting dates via online dating sites compared to other cities in Canada. The least picky women are from Calgary, followed by Edmonton and Toronto. Most women are not surprised by these findings, and they see nothing wrong with being choosy.

Paddy Rice, the owner of Vancouver-based Executive Search Dating, claims that Vancouver has the highest number of people on online dating sites worldwide due to free dating sites such as Plenty of Fish. Due to this vast population of online daters, it's quite challenging to find your perfect match. No wonder a majority of women in Vancouver are good looking, but they would rather stay single because they are bored of meeting a lot of men online who don't match the qualities they look for in a man. In addition to that, Rice also claims that most women in Vancouver have gone through bad online dating encounters, which explains why they are so picky. Therefore, Vancouver women have a reason to be choosy when replying to messages sent to them by men via free online dating sites.

It's not that the women in Vancouver are not good looking, it's just that there's a lack of sexuality in the city. Rachael Fox, a 30-year-old tour and travel guide, says that her experience living in other cities such as Florida is far much better than Vancouver. She claims that the Latin culture in Florida is one of the reasons why people are warm, and men keep smiling and staring at women on the street. However, in Vancouver, this is not the case since most men don't even turn their heads to look at a good looking woman. The lack of a proper dating mechanism is the main reason why dating doesn't work in Vancouver.

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