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When you're looking to start dating in Toronto, you need to know that this is a different city. There are many things that are acceptable here and that might appear to be a little strange when you look it from the outside. Just take a look at some of the things that you can count on when dating in Toronto:

People are okay with open relationships. Toronto is a very busy city. So, people just don't have time to commit to each other as on other cities. This way, Torontonians just like to keep all their options open so, they just don't mind having open relationships.

It's okay to have a casual date . Even though it may seem a little strange to people outside of Toronto, the fact is that casual dating is completely acceptable. After all, dating is simply to have a little fun.

Most people tend to be on Bumble and Tinder. Most Toronto residents love dating apps. So, they tend to use many different dating apps so they can find their perfect match. This way, make sure that you have your own profile there.

They love going to restaurants . Torontonians simply love food. So, one of the best things they like to do while they are dating is going to restaurants.

Coffee dates are serious. Even though having a coffee date might seem normal in other cities and countries, in Toronto it is a little different. However, there are many amazing coffee shops in Toronto that you can go to and have a little fun.

Going to a sports game. When you're dating in Toronto, you can be sure that a sports game is at least one of the things that you're going to do on one of your dates. Either to see Raptors, Leafs or Jays, it's simply inevitable.

You'll hardly find anyone who has their own vehicle. If the person you are dating with lives in the downtown, most probably they don't even want to own vehicle. The truth is they don't really need a car because Torontonians just hate to be stuck in traffic.

Careers are very important. One of the things that many Torontonians have in common is that they take their career as a priority. Even though dating is important, Torontonians just don't have the time to commit themselves. This is why they are ok with open relationships as well as dating just for fun.

Healthy lifestyle. Another thing that Torontonians have in common is that they enjoy their health and fitness. So, conversations about strict gluten-free diets or yoga instructors are pretty common on datings.

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