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As you probably already know, and especially if you already moved from one state to another, people are different. And each town has their own specificities. These include the way the dress, how they say high, and even on dating. So, if you're going to San Antonio, make sure that you know what girls expect from you on a date:

Dancing. San Antonio girls love dancing. They will be the first ones hitting the dance floor. And it really doesn't matter the music that is playing. From cumbia to two-step, these girls know how to party.

Eating. If you're not a cheese fan, make sure that you find at least some variety that you like or you may not even get a date in San Antonio. And in case you decide to take the girl out to a barbecue, don't be surprised if she doesn't look too fancy eating. After all, they love food.

Drinking. San Antonio girls, just like we mention, love to dance and to eat. But they also love a good and old tequila shot.

Driving. There isn't really a rule in San Antonio that says that you need to pick the girl home and drive her back. Even though, it's always a nice thing to do. However, in case you're new in town and you just don't know many places, she may be the one driving. And in that case, just ignore everything that she says in the middle of the traffic or you might get a very bad impression. Plus, don't you ever dare to complain about her driving or you may be left walking on your own. Instead, be supportive and just tackle your seat belt.

Sports fans. Many people say that in San Antonio, you just need to be a fan of Spurs. And girls can be fanatic. So, don't be alarmed in case she is in a bad mood because the Spurs had a bad game.

Be romantic. San Antonio girls just expect you to be a romantic guy. After all, you really don't have any kind of excuse for not taking her to places just like the River Walk. If you happen to have a date during Fiesta, make sure that you buy her a floral halo. You can be sure she will like it a lot more than if you offered her a flowers bouquet.

The weather. Winter in San Antonio can be hard. So, don't even ask if the girl you're dating has her hair a little messed up. Plus, make sure that you always have some kind of air-producing mechanism on hand.

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