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Although many people just keep telling you to be yourself and not change the way you are for anyone and under any circumstance, you're just getting demotivated. After all, you're not getting a date. Even though most single women in Philadelphia are extremely easy to please, there are certain things they just don't tolerate.

Letting her pay. Either if it's you or her who takes the lead on asking the other one out on a date, the truth is that you should never let her pay.

Forgetting and canceling dates. Philadelphia girls expect that you comply with what you said that you would do. When you just said that you would go on a date on Friday for example, make sure that you are there and on time.

Suffocate her with attention. Although most women like to be put on a pedestal, this is not the right approach with Philly women. While showing her the best side of you is one thing, putting her on a pedestal is a completely different thing. She'll just think you are desperate.

Being passive. Philadelphia girls like a man who likes to make decisions and is in charge. Even though they like to decide some of the things, the truth is that they just love a man who knows what he wants.

Always checking the phone. One of the things that Philadelphia women, and most women in the country, hate is when a man is on a date with them and he just keeps checking his phone. It seems that he's not even interested in being there. So, make sure that you just pick up your phone in case of an emergency.

Being rude. Rudeness is something Philadelphia women just can't stand. Either being rude to the animals or to the wait staff, make sure this doesn't happen.

Showing up late. When you have a date with a Philadelphia girl, make sure that you are on time, every single time. This is not Los Angeles where being late is not a big deal.

Borrowing money. Philadelphia girls just hate when a man keeps pouring money from her. It's just a huge turn-off. When a girl is looking to date a man, she expects that he's financially stable.

Trying to rush sex. Philadelphia girls like to take their time for everything. So, trying to rush sex is something that you should always avoid to do. You can be sure that once they're ready, they will tell you.

Bad hygiene. This is not only regarding Philadelphia women as every other woman in the world. Bad hygiene is just a complete turn-off. So, make sure that you don't have dirty finger nails, bad breath, among some many other things.

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