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What type of women do you prefer dating? There are plenty of women out there, and sometimes it's difficult to have a particular taste for them. But have you ever tried dating an Edmonton girl? Trust me, if you've never dated an Edmonton girl before, not only are they strong, hardworking and good looking, but they also know how to have fun. However, if you choose to date an Edmonton girl, you must be willing to embrace diversity since that what they are all about. Here are a few things that make Edmonton girls worth dating:

They love road trips. If you are lucky to date an Edmonton girl, you don't have to keep doing the same things over and over again during your leisure time since an Edmonton girl loves road trips. Edmonton girls are always down for road trips to Banff, Canmore, Jasper and many other places. There's no doubt that a road trip is one of the best ways to spend a long weekend far from home.

They are proud of their culture. Edmonton is made up of diverse cultures, and one thing you should know about Edmonton girls is that they are good at embracing different types of cultures. They are also proud of their culture and will whatever it takes to safeguard it.

Partying is one of their hobbies. Ever wondered why night clubs and bars are doing so well in Edmonton? That's because Edmonton girls know how to party for real. Whether it's a Friday night at the Bower or a Karaoke at 9910, you always find plenty of good looking Edmonton girls in such places. Plus, their dancing skills will make you a frequent visitor of such joints.

They know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Edmonton girls are not the shapeless type of women who don't care much about their physical fitness. No matter the weather, you'll always run into an Edmonton girl doing yoga, hitting the gym; jogging or even doing runs in the River Valley. Therefore, if you are into regular exercise, you'll be lucky to have a companion.

They don't shy away from speaking their mind. An Edmonton girl is not the type of girl who's afraid of speaking their mind. If there's something you are fond of doing that offends her, you can bet she'll call you out. Would you rather be in a relationship where your partner tells you straight to your face if some of your habits are annoying or rather be in a relationship with someone who's always calm?

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