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There are plenty of things that make Calgary stand out from the rest world. It's a youthful city full of energy that hosts the greatest outdoor shows worldwide; be it agricultural competitions, chuck wagon racing, concerts, etc. Besides that, more than 120 languages are spoken in the city, and it's ranked as the cleanest city in the world by Forbes; just to mention a few facts. Nonetheless, did you know that Calgary guys are ranked among the most charming men? If you are not sure what type of guy you should settle for, trust me; you can never go wrong by dating a Calgary guy. Here are five reasons why dating a Calgary guy is fun.

Calgary men are sporty. If you didn't know, Calgary guys are amazing when it comes to sports, whether it's hockey, soccer or basketball. They have a passion for sports, which means you are likely to find them playing their favorite game during their leisure time. Therefore, if you are one of those girls who are into sports, then you'll have an easy time bonding perfectly with a Calgary guy.

They have a high sense of humor. Trust me; Calgary guys are hilarious, so they'll have you laughing most of the time when you're together. What else would a girl wish for is she had a charming guy who cracks her up most of the time? It's their lingo that makes them even more humorous, so you might want to learn some of it.

They are amazing stampede partners. When you date a Calgary guy, you don't have to worry about finding a stampede partner. Your charming prince will always be down to go to for escapades with you. It doesn't matter whether you want to go camping or drinking for an entire week, trust a Calgary guy to join in on the fun.

They are very adventurous. Unlike most relationships that are dull due to lack of adventure, dating a Calgary man presents an opportunity to explore some of the best sceneries in Calgary. You can be sure that you'll have a fantastic time hunting, hiking, camping and many others activities instead of spending much of your free time indoors.

They are great line dancer. In Calgary, almost every guy knows how to dance. If you don't believe me, just visit the popular nightclubs in the city at night. You'll be surprised to see how good they are at line dancing and if you are interested in learning how to get down, your Calgary guy is there to teach you.

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